Our teams

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It is in the heart of our Design Offices that the R&D teams – for Research and Development – invent our products. Thanks to their good understanding of our customers’ expectations and of our markets, they create interconnection solutions and innovative and reliable technologies, that shape the industry of tomorrow. All this in an eco-design approach intended to reduce our environmental impact.


It is in the Sales sector that our commercial team develops our close customer relationship. They carry out all the activities making it possible to understand our customers’ expectations and the situation on our markets in order to detect the best opportunities. Customer satisfaction is their priority, but this does not prevent them from taking care to negotiate the best commercial conditions with them to guarantee the profitability and long-term viability of our activity.


It is in the heart of the production sector that our products come to life. Machining, assembly, plating, quality control… The areas of expertise developed by our teams are multiple for manufacturing our products: veritable concentrates of technology. Precision and concentration are on hand to plan and manufacture our products in compliance with the quality, cost and lead-time requirements.


The Supply Chain sector manages the flows between the different players on the supply chain, from procurement of raw materials through to delivery of our products to the customer. The team coordinates and synchronizes the logistical activities with those of production, thus ensuring stock control and optimization, order follow-up and production scheduling.


Through its direct and indirect purchasing activities and projects as well as the development of supplier performance, the Purchase sector makes sure that the goods and services we need for our industrial activity are available in compliance with the cost, quality and lead-time requirements.


The Marketing team supports the company’s commercial development, while ensuring product profitability. The teams are attentive to the expectations of our customers and the environment of the markets in which we operate in order to detect opportunities. They help our customers choose the best solution to meet their needs and produce sales support tools.


The role of the Quality sector is key, especially for an industrial company producing interconnection solutions located at the heart of aircraft and satellites. The team collaborate with each department of the company where they impulse a quality culture. They are the guarantors of the right balance between the delivery of innovative and sustainable solutions, risk levels and Quality-Cost-Delivery objectives to meet our customers’ requirements.


Accidents, occupational diseases, noise, pollution… There are many hazards at work, and it’s the role of the HSE sector – for Health Safety Environment – to identify them to better limit them. The HSE team therefore has to ensure the regulations – such as Labor Law and Environmental Law for example – are obeyed by means of regulatory intelligence and by analyzing compliance. It is also in charge of reporting to Radiall’s top management and the authorities (Labor Directorate, DREAL (Regional Environment, Planning and Housing Department), etc.).


As an industrial company relying on constantly evolving cutting-edge technologies, it is essential that we maintain our equipment. Safety and reliability are therefore the key words driving this sector. Its role is to optimize the way we use our equipment, by guaranteeing its availability and reliability, while ensuring the safety of the staff who use it.


Management control, accounts, cashflow and audit… The functions in the Finance sector are varied. They give an economic perspective to all of the company’s processes. They also make available the financial means required to implement the strategy defined by the Group and contribute to assessing and limiting the risks.


The communications team works to promote the company and its activities. Whether it’s to an external audience, for whom the Communications team works to improve Radiall’s reputation, publicize its products, and highlight its successes and commitments. Or the company’s employees, for whom the Communications team ensures a clear understanding of our Group’s strategy, brings its culture and values to life and gives visibility to the work of the various teams. 


Within the Human Resources department, people are at the heart of our concerns. From recruitment and training to talent and career development, the HR teams ensure that the needs of the various departments are properly matched with the skills of the employees. They are also responsible for social relations, implementing the policies and procedures necessary for the proper management of employees.

Information System

Information processing within a company is strategic, and it is the role of the Information System (IS) department to ensure the reliability and security of data collection, storage and analysis. The IS teams are responsible for implementing and operating the software and technical infrastructure resources that enable each of the company’s departments to manage its information flows.