From time spent on exchanges organized with local associations to the possibility of working from home, staff fulfillment is at the heart of our preoccupations. And it’s from the Paris site that a major part of our sales team breathes life into our customer relations on a day-to-day basis.

What makes our site so attractive?

Conviviality and commitment Our human-scale headquarters cultivate conviviality to ensure the fulfillment of the teams on the site. Knowing ourselves better, multiplying the time spent sharing or on improving working conditions, there’s no shortage of opportunities for getting together. There’s a space there conducive to convivial events and culinary experiences for everyone’s pleasure. It’s also from headquarters that the group runs its partnerships with associations (Elles Bougent, La Fondation CGénial, etc.) in which the staff can engage.

Château Renault

Radiall is also present in the beautiful Centre-Val de Loire region. Control, on-board entertainment and communications systems, it’s the whole world of aeronautics that sets the tempo on our site, working very closely with the Obregon site.

What makes our site so attractive?

The Eureka Room.

Coming straight out of the imagination of our teams through a dedicated working group, it is designed to inspire innovation. There are plenty of tools there to stimulate the creativity of our teams and make it easier to “remove a thorn from your side”.

L’Isle d’Abeau

Inaugurated in 1978, the Isle d’Abeau site is an industrial jewel right in the heart of the largest logistics platform in Europe. Over time, our staff of 300 have developed real expertise there in the design of products intended for the Space sector.

What makes our site so attractive?

The clean room.
Designed for manufacturing and testing components for space applications and optical transceivers, it protects the components from the impurities in the air. It is filtered, the teams enter and leave the room through a double-door entrance, special overalls have to be worn and the products transit via transfer boxes placed in serving hatches.

Green initiatives.
They are flourishing on the site. Several measures are taken to encourage green mobility. Car-pooling, charging points for e-cars, availability of e-bikes and annual participation in the Mobility Challenge all contribute to reducing our environmental impact.


It is from the heart of the Grenoble economic area that the Centr’Alp site spreads all its industrial expertise, backed up by years of know-how. From machining to plating, the site has the cutting-edge equipment that is essential for achieving operational excellence. HSE, R&T, IS, Accounts… multiple functions carry out their missions with a Group-wide scope.

What makes our site so attractive?

The FabLab.
This is a place conducive to innovation. Here there are 3D printers, a mechanics and tooling space, another area dedicated to electronics and a third one for all things digital and for photography. Some twenty members of staff regularly use it and nearly 300 applications see the light of day there each year.

The Efficiency challenge.
Successfully completing a task using the least amount of resources possible, that’s the challenge raised by efficiency. Driven by the Continuous Improvement teams, this challenge invites us to only do what is necessary, in the simplest way possible. In a nutshell, back to basics.



The Tempe site forms a tightly knit community at the service of our commercial development and our customers’ satisfaction. And it’s from Arizona that the MarCom team develops the Radiall brand image externally, to promote our areas of expertise and interconnection solutions.

What makes our site so attractive?

Quality = Me.

The site’s Quality teams have conducted an awareness-raising and training campaign with the staff. Goal? To put to rest once and for all the popular belief that quality only concerns the teams dedicated to it. Quality is everyone’s business!


Located in the state of Connecticut, the Wallingford plant is at the heart of our expertise on the American Defense market. The site includes an R&D department for designing and prototyping products, a test laboratory and a large 140 sq.m ISO 7 clean room.

What makes our site so attractive?

Quality = Me.

The site’s Quality teams have conducted an awareness-raising and training campaign with the staff. Goal? To put to rest once and for all the popular belief that quality only concerns the teams dedicated to it. Quality is everyone’s business!



It’s on our Milan site that the teams from our Heavy Duty BU are based. This business was inherited from the acquisition of the VanSystem company in 2015. It is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of products intended for the railways and for the entertainment market.



The Obregon site has a significant economic impact on its local community and builds strong ties with the region’s institutions and associations. The culture of continuous improvement is also very much present on the site, where all the teams have adopted a Lean Management approach and share their ideas for improving their work methods.

What makes our site so attractive?

Con M de Mujer.
A program designed to support women in their development. Health, professional and personal fulfillment... The workshops held associate information sharing and discussion time. More than 250 women staff have already taken part, contributing to developing a sisterhood.

Planta un Arbol.
An initiative thought out by and for the staff. Keen to act for the protection of the environment, they have decided to get together, accompanied by their friends and relatives, to plant 1,000 trees in the town of Obregon. An initiative that has been extended to schoolchildren to raise their awareness of the environmental challenges at a very young age!



We moved into our new factory in 2020. It is situated in the heart of the Jiading district in Shanghai. A veritable factory of the future which exists on 22,000 sq.m, combining creativity, wellbeing at work and cutting-edge technological equipment. An ideal playground for all our teams, notably R&D, always in the race to innovation.

What makes our site so attractive?

Today it is more than 50 machines that function every day on the Shanghai site. From assembly to packaging, and including quality control, automation frees the staff from repetitive tasks to allow them to focus on those that require a more precise type of expertise.

Preserving the environment.
Plating is often a polluting operation, involving the discharge of chemicals into the water. Thanks to the new workshop built on the site, these chemicals are transformed into solid residues, enabling the filtering of the water that is now clean and recyclable!



The Bangalore site was initially the fruit of a joint-venture with a local player serving the Aeronautics and Defense markets in India. The site has very deep cultural roots and the teams regularly get together for celebrations such as Ayudha Pooja, or International Yoga Day and World Environment Day.

What makes our site so attractive?

Radiall Services. A veritable service center, this department is at the disposal of all of the Group’s teams. It hires and trains its staff to support a variety of activities, from pricing to purchase order follow-up, including talking photographs or making 3D images of our products.

Yoga. Much more than a sport, yoga is a philosophy, an invitation to the awakening of your consciousness and of your mind. It’s quite an institution for the teams on the site, who get together regular for group sessions!